author: Company News

Like anyone’s house, there’s always little projects and repairs to be done. You know, replace a deck board, hang a picture, install a ceiling fan… you get the idea. And so many times when you set off to take care of these projects or repairs you come up missing the right fastener for the job.

This can be very frus­trating, as we all dislike running to the store for just one item. And it’s espe­cially frus­trating and costly if the hard­ware store or home center is 30 miles away, like it is for me.

So, if we’re missing the essen­tial fastener we need, we end up either putting off those projects and repairs or do them improp­erly (only to end up having to do them again).

Life can be so much easier if you have right fasteners as well as the right tools for the job at hand.