Fischer Fixings – The Name Of Quality

author: Company News

Anchors, plugs, screws and connections, which are known as Nuts and Bolts are although, tiny is size but occupy a central place in a structure, be it a building or a part of a building. This gives people, all the more reason to buy the highest quality fixings, which are strong, long lasting and capable to deliver the highest standard of performance. Fischer Fixings, connections, anchors are world famous in this regard, for their quality, safety, convenience and innovative designs.

Fischer Fixings Fischer is regarded as the largest manufacturer of fixings in the world and as things stand today the Fischer Group of Companies holds 35 businesses, with worldwide presence in 31 countries. Fischer has 43 subsidiaries with distribution partners in more than 100 countries of the world. Fischer Group of Companies owe their success to a continuous process of research and development, which allows them to deliver products to their worldwide customers, which reflect their true needs, wants and demands.

Fischer Fixings is one of the divisions of the Fischer Group of Companies. It manufactures a wide range of anchors, screw collections, connections, plugs and much more. Fischer offers various fixing systems, which are used throughout the world owing to their efficiency and effectiveness. These fixing systems include General Fixings, Steel Anchors, Chemical Fixings, Insulation Fixings and last but not the least Electrical Fixings. Each of these Fischer fixing systems includes hundreds of articles, which play their individual part in the effectiveness of the fixing system they are a part of.

Fischer Fixing Systems and Product Range Fischer Fixing Systems can be divided in five different categories, which include Steel Anchors, General Fixings, Chemical Fixings, Insulation Fixings and last but not the least Electrical Fixings. These categories are further divided into sub-categories having hundreds of articles, which are used by individual users as well as by the constructions companies and builders.

Best Features of Fischer Fixing Solutions * Fischer fixing solutions work perfectly irrespective of the nature of the job or the environment including the concrete or any other bases. * Fischer fixing solutions are manufactured keeping in mind the safety concerns and the needs and convenience of their customers. * Fischer fixing solutions are available in different sizes, shapes and are made of different materials to suit the requirements of the job. * With Fischer fixing solutions customers don’t have to change their needs according to the available solutions, but they can get the perfect fixing solution according to their needs.

Each article or item, whether it is a screw, an anchor, a connection or a plug is available in a variety of sizes and this ensures that customers don’t have to make do with a size that doesn’t fits in the job, like the proverbial hand in the glove. These are some of the reasons, why Fischer Fixings have no parallel in the market.